About Yakutia

The Sakha Republic is located in the northeastern part of Eurasia and is the largest region of the Russian Federation. The distance from Yakutsk to Moscow is 8,468 km. The territory of the Republic stretches 2,500 kilometers from north to south and 2,000 kilometers from west to east. The area of ​​ the Sakha Republic is 3083.5 thousand square km.

Natural and climatic conditions of Yakutia are extreme. Yakutia is one of the coldest regions on the planet. The climate of Yakutia is sharply continental. Winter lasts from October to April, summer is short – from mid June to mid August. Temperature in January is from -28 ° C to -50 ° C. In the area of ​​Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon there is a Cold Pole of the Northern Hemisphere, where the temperature in winter drops to -70 ° C and below.

Official languages: Yakut and Russian. Yakutia is the only constituent entity of the Russian Federation where there are three time zones, the difference with Moscow time is +6, +7, +8 hours.

The Republic includes 36 municipalities: 34 municipal districts and 2 urban districts. The municipal districts, in turn, include urban and rural settlements (naslegs), the total number of naslegs is 365, including 31 ethnic.

Yakutsk is a capital of the Sakha Republic. It was founded in 1632. There are representatives of 129 nationalities living in Yakutia. Of these, Yakuts make up 49.9%, Russians – 37.8%, Ukrainians – 2.2%, Evenks – 2.2%, Evens – 1.6%, Tatars – 0.9%. More than 70 ethnic and cultural organizations operate in the Republic, united in the public movement “Assembly of the Peoples of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”. The goal of this Assembly is to maintain their cultural characteristics, language and traditions.

A new stage in the history of Yakutia began on September 27, 1990, when the Declaration of State Sovereignty was proclaimed with the active support of the people of the Republic. In October 1991, the post of President of the Republic was established. The first president became Mikhail Nikolaev in December 1991.At the same time, the Yakut ASSR received its modern name – the Sakha Republic.

Since September, 27, 2018 the Head of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) has been Aisen Nikolaev.

the Sakha Republic has enormous potential and has everything necessary to build a prosperous life for people – the richest natural resources, long-term strategic development plans, a stable social situation, positive dynamics of natural growth, a high educational level of the population and economically active labor resources.

In addition to all-Russian state and official holidays, republican holidays are celebrated in Yakutia:

– April 27 – Day of the Sakha Republic;

– June 21 – National holiday Ysyakh;

– September 27 – Day of Statehood of the Sakha Republic