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On April 27, the ART FRIENDSHIP “YAKUTIA — THE REPUBLIC OF OUR HEARTS” was held at the Kulakovsky House of Friendship of Peoples

April 27 is a special day for every Yakut. The Day of Formation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is a holiday that unites the inhabitants of Yakutia, awakens patriotic feelings: admiration and love. On this day, we are especially proud to remember the glorious and courageous sons of Yakutia, Platon Alekseevich Oyunsky, Maxim Kirovich Ammosov, Isidor Nikiforovich Barakhov, Stepan Maksimovich Arzhakov and other our outstanding statesmen and public figures, whose political will and high patriotism, shown at the very beginning of the journey, allowed us to make a real breakthrough in the development of our northern republic.
The Kulakovsky Peoples’ Friendship House, in collaboration with the talents of national cultural associations of the OD “Assembly of Peoples of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)”, presented to residents and guests of the capital an unforgettable bright, original project Art Friendship “Yakutia – the Republic of our Hearts”, where stories and destinies, songs and dances of the multinational people of Yakutia intertwined on one stage, the director of the project is Andrey Adamov, the author of the idea is the Honored Worker of Culture of the RS (I) Zhanna Nikolaeva.
The audience was greeted by the presenters – the international youth of Yakutia — Ani Nagapetyan, Maria Milyukova, Faridun Khotamov, Aital Myrsanov, and the project was decorated with the announcer’s voice of the unsurpassed Marina Pavlova, Honored Worker of Culture of the RS(Ya).
The honorary guests of the holiday were Acting Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Vladivostok Ulugbek Kurbonov, attache Otabek Juraev, Third Secretary, Vice Consul of the Office of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation in Yakutsk Nurlan Bekishev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations and Peoples’ Affairs of the RS (Ya) Tatyana Pyatkina.
The international project included four story blocks. The first one, “Glorify Yakutia”, was opened by the exemplary dance group “Diamonds of Yakutia” and the dance group “Algystaah dogorduu” under the leadership of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and RS(Ya) Afanasy Solovyov and Honored Artist of RS(Ya) Zoya Solovyova with the story composition “Holiday in the Tuimaada Valley”. Elizaveta Glagoleva, a professional and talented choirmaster and head of the junior group of the Rus folk ensemble, prepared compositions specially for the festive day: “Multifaceted Yakutia” and “My Love song Yakutskaya”, where representatives of national cultural associations performed songs in their native languages and presented the audience with a performance in the Yakut language. The beauty and tenderness were complemented by the Folk Ballroom Dance Ensemble “Mosaic”, the creator and head of the Honored Worker of Culture of the RS (Ya) Mikhail Sivtsev. The people were delighted, the applause and ovation did not subside…
The second block “Yakutia is the Republic of our Hearts” and the third block “Yakutia is our common home” have absorbed the best songs and dances of the peoples of Yakutia. The beauty of our region was presented by the Ayavrina dance group, which includes natives from among the indigenous small peoples of the North, the head of Sargylana Alekseeva, the Yarilov Day Folk Russian Dance Ensemble and the Exemplary Surprise Collective of Russia, the creator and head is the Honored Worker of Culture of the RS (Ya) Irina Egorova. Our friend from Mongolia Baldorj Huuhe, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Mongolia and the RS (I), decorated the holiday with his performance and presented a charming Yakut composition on a flute. The multinational musical palette was presented by participants of public organizations: the National Community “Tyva” of Yakutsk and “Buryat Local National and Cultural Autonomy in Yakutsk” with the song “Come to me brother”, “Union of Armenians of the RS (I)” – with the most beautiful dance “Yarkushta”, Mahmadkosim Gadoev “Union of Tajiks of Yakutia” conquered the audience”with a rhythmic, oriental song. The emotional and attractive daughter of the Even people, ethno-performer Tatyana Balaganchyk – Sorosova, together with the Surprise ensemble, performed the author’s song, captivating everyone with her special modern performance of the northern flavor.
On this festive day, the dance groups of our House prepared the premiere dances “Among the mountains of Dagestan” — “Surprise”, “Mother Earth” — the folk ensemble of modern dance “Tetris” artistic directors, excellent student of culture of the RS (I) Tatyana Savochkina — Matyushenko, the creator of the collective — excellent student of education, Honored Worker of Culture of the RS (I) Tamara Savochkina.
Star leaders and star teams won the hearts of the audience and the program fully corresponded to the name “Yakutia – the republic of our hearts”.
The project was completed by the most famous creative family duo of our republic, People’s Artists of Yakutia Ekaterina and Alexey Egorov and their pupils of the exemplary vocal studio “Syrdyk suureen” with the song “Min doydum”.
“Yakutia, GO AHEAD”! A celebration of the Commonwealth!
We are all different, we speak different languages, sing different songs and for everyone it is a huge world in which we live….
Chilled by the winds and washed by the rains, in diamonds of dew and gilding of the sun, colored with all the bright colors of the rainbow.
We love the land we live on equally! And when we sing and dance, a different language of communication is not a hindrance to us!
After all, that’s when we speak the same language – the language of Creativity, Friendship and Unity of peoples!
Together with the peoples of Yakutia, we will make the wildest dreams come true for the benefit of the prosperity of our native land!
Happy holiday, dear YAKUTIA!!!
YAKUTIA is the republic of our HEARTS!!!

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